How is Silver Thatch Pensions governed?

Silver Thatch Pensions is governed by a Board of Trustees that is elected by the plan's membership at an Annual General Meeting. The primary role of Trustees is to ensure:

  • the Plan is administered in accordance with applicable legislation,
  • the decisions made by the Plan are in the best interests of members,
  • the Plan is clearly communicated to members, and the investment portfolios are prudently managed.
  • In fulfilling their duties, Trustees are required to exercise care and due diligence, and to apply their relevant skills. The Board of Trustees can and does appoint agents to handle various administrative, management and investment functions.
  • Intertrust has been retained as the Plan Administrator of Silver Thatch Pensions to carry out certain administrative duties.
  • Saxon Pension Services has been appointed as the Client Services Agent of Silver Thatch Pensions.
  • Deutsche Bank Cayman has been engaged to carry out investment management and custodian services.
  • The Plan is set up as a trust, which is domiciled in the Cayman Islands.
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