What are the benefits of being a member of the Silver Thatch Pension Plan?

Silver Thatch Pensions offers participating employers and employees a number of important advantages. These include:

  • Flexibility and control – Silver Thatch allows members to build wealth on their terms. We offer members the opportunity to make additional voluntary contributions (AVCs). Even better, we let members decide how to invest their AVCs, choosing from five professionally managed investment portfolios. 
  • Great performance – Discipline and focus have helped us produce a winning performance. See our portfolio fact sheets for more information.
  • Multi-managers – Our investment portfolios are managed by up to 15 of the top fund managers in the business. Individually, our fund managers offer expertise in specific markets. Together, they offer the breadth and depth of experience needed to produce winning results.
  • Low fees – We add value to a member’s account through sound investment and
    effective cost management. For the year ended June 30, 2016, our expense ratio
    was 0.98%. In fact, our expense ratio has declined every year since inception. Lower
    fees mean larger investment returns for your employees.
  • Superior service – We’re committed to making participation a positive experience.
    We know you have enough on your plate already – so we minimise the employer’s
    administrative role and provide members with direct access to the information
    they need.
  • Effective communications – We make sure members get the information they need
    to understand their pension plan and make informed investment decisions. Equally
    important, we make sure that information is clear, concise and easy to read.
  • Legislative compliance – Plan participants can be assured that Silver Thatch
    complies with the National Pensions Law.
  • Multiple retirement benefit options - At retirement, members have three
    important options under the Plan: an annuity option, a RIF (Registered Income
    Fund) option or an RSA (Retirement Savings Arrangement). The member will be able
    to choose the option which best suits their retirement plan.
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