List of the Statutory Authority and Government Companies

The following companies are considered a Statutory Authority and Government Companies

1. Auditors Oversight Authority
2. Cayman Airways
3. Cayman Islands Airports Authority
4. Cayman Islands Development Bank
5. Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
6. Cayman Islands National Insurance Company
7. Cayman Islands National Museum
8. Cayman Islands Stock Exchange
9. Cayman National Cultural Foundation
10. Cayman Turtle Centre
11. Children and Youth Services Foundation
12. Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands
13. Cayman Islands Health Services Authority
14. Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands
15. National Drug Council
16. National Gallery of the Cayman Islands
17. National Housing Development Trust
18. National Roads Authority
19. Port Authority
20. Public Service Pensions Board
21. Tourism Attraction Board
22. University College of the Cayman Islands
23. Utility Regulation and Competition Office
24. Water Authority - Cayman

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