I am currently ill, how can I redeem my funds?

The unexpected can happen and we understand that, so if you stop working before your 50th birthday due to illness which causes physical or mental incapacity, you may apply to the trustees of Silver Thatch Pensions for early retirement on the basis of ill health.

In order for the Silver Thatch Trustees and the Superintendent of Pensions to consider releasing funds

from your pension account due to ill health we require the following items:

  1.  Letter addressed to Silver Thatch Trustees requesting an early release of funds and the reason you need these funds. You will need to specify the amount that you need and provide a breakdown on how it will be spent.
  2. Letter from your doctor providing details of your illness or disability (please note that your doctor’s letter must confirm that your condition will impact your life expectancy or that you are unable to continue work due to physical or mental incapacity).
  3. Written confirmation of Insurance Coverage 
  4. Written quote/invoice or information from the medical facility overseas/local confirming your appointment and proposed procedure to take place.
  5. Copy of passport, driver’s license or Government issued photo ID.



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